discover the alpine oasis

Summer in the Paznaun

Impressions, images, and experiences that exceed your wildest dreams become reality and unique memories.

first things first!

Silvretta Card Premium

To start you off on your stay, we want to hand you the perfect travel companion, the Silvretta Card Premium.

It provides a range of benefits, such as free use of the mountain railways, the Silvretta Hochalpenstraße (already on your arrival day), and public transport.

wild and romantic stretches of water

Lakes in Kappl

Few things are as romantic as an idyllic stretch of water in the middle of nowhere. Shimmering greens, refreshing temperatures, and the reflected mountains. Convinced?

Dive into the Blankasee, Sesssee, or Grübelesee lakes and soak in the experience of nature.

conquer the landscape

Paznaun's hiking trails

The wind in your hair, strength in your legs, and wonderful natural surrounding before you, that’s when you know you’re in the hikers’ paradise in and around Kappl. According to Confucius, the journey is the goal, something we agree with entirely. It’s not always important to get to the very top or to the end. Often, exploring part of the way is enough to clear your head and create unforgettable memories.

from challenging to relaxed routes

Bike Paradise Paznaun

Jump into the saddle of the bike of your choice and set off on exciting adventures to spectacular views and limitless biking pleasure. Paznaun has something for everyone and offers everything that a biker’s heart desires, from comfortable valley routes to challenging trails.